Returnil Virtual System

Returnil Virtual System Pro 3.2.10857 2011

Test software in a safe virtual environment


  • Create a safe testing environment very easily
  • Works just like a 'real' computer


  • Turning the virtual environment off requires a system restart

Not bad

Returnil Virtual System Pro is the perfect tool to test new desktop software and online apps without putting your entire system in danger.

What Returnil Virtual System Pro does is create a virtual clone of your real operating system, and use it as a sandbox to test programs you don’t really trust or browse websites that may contain potential threats, such as viruses or malware.

The virtual testing environment created by Returnil Virtual System Pro looks and behaves exactly like your actual computer, so you’ll hardly notice the difference – except for a floating Returnil toolbar on your desktop.

You can start the virtual computer in Returnil Virtual System Pro simply by clicking a button, but returning to the ‘real’ one requires a restart. Just remember to save all your documents and files to your real hard drive – otherwise they’ll be lost as soon as you close the virtual environment.

Returnil Virtual System Pro is a handy virtual testing environment that allows you to try new software or visit unknown websites without the associated risks.

Returnil Virtual System


Returnil Virtual System Pro 3.2.10857 2011

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